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Atco Liner 16S Li

Atco Liner 16SLi 41cm Rear Roller 80V Self propelled

Our Price: £599.00
RRP: £659.00

Until now the ease of battery operated mowing was reserved for small lawns, now the 80V range is the marking of a new dawn bringing the benefits of cordless to those with larger lawns.

The powerful 80V 5 AH Lithium-Ion battery delivers uncompromising performance equivalent to a petrol engine, with up to an hour of mowing from a single charge and a charge time of only 60 minutes.

Simply hold in the starter button and engage the lever and you’re mowing. No priming, no choking, no pulling the recoil rope, no trips to the petrol station, no barriers to you enjoying your garden.

The machine is self propelled meaning when you want it too, it pulls itself along.

The Liner 16SLi features a large width rear roller that not only provides those classic stripes but makes cutting right up to lawn edges possible without scalping. Cutting height is easy to adjust within the 20-70mm range using a single lever with 5 preset positions and cuttings are collected in the 55 litre grassbag which also features an indicator to show when the bag is full. The battery and charger are included.

Also available as an 18" version at £639

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